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February 2017


Latest classification highlights:

R Jotan Celicia Red EX94

S Advent Elegance EX93 (right)

I Outside Amanda EX93

R Jotan Celicia 2 EX93

R Windbrook Rachel EX91

R Shottle Rachel EX91

R Shottle Lana EX91

R Shamrock Lila Z EX90

R Goldwyn Elegance EX90

R Classic Celicia Red EX90

R Sid Rachel EX90

R Sid Lana EX90

R Alexander Lana EX90

R Stanleycup Playmate EX90

R Seagual Promis EX90

R Sid Lila Z VG89 3yr

R Meridian Amanda VG87 2yr

R Saxon Rachel VG86 2yr

R Pepper Bridget VG85 2yr

R Sammy Neptune VG85 2yr


January 2017



A great start to the year with Rockset winning 1st Large Herd at the Cornish Holstein Club's annual Dinner. The Rachel's also took top honours in the Female Family competition and with Rockset Bigstone Rachel receiving 2nd in the Judge's Choice competition.

November 2016



A family effort at the Cornish All Breeds Evening Show with Rockset Goldwyn Elegance taking Supreme Champion and Rockset Windbrook Rachel taking Reserve Champion.

June 2016


Latest Cassification Highlights:


R Rose Royce Lana Red EX94

R Jotan Rachel EX92

R Shottle Rachel 5 EX92

R Jotan Celicia EX92

R Bigstone Rachel 3 EX91

P Dotson Gloriette EX91

R T Fawn EX90

R Secure Celicia Red VG88

R Sandstone Sensation VG88

R Aikman Celicia Red VG86 2yr

R Endstory Rachel VG86 2yr

R Jabir Lana VG85 2yr

R Fever Bridget VG85 2yr

R Larson Lana Red VG85

R Goldchip Amanda VG85 2yr

February 2016


Latest Classification Highlights:


Rockset Mr Burns Blackrose EX94(4) (pictured)

Rockset Rampage Rachel EX93(3)

Rockset Shottle Rachel 2 EX92(3)

Rockset Acme Maggie EX91(2)

Rockset Jotan Celicia Red EX91

Rockset Sterling Lana EX91

Rockset Bigstone Rachel EX90

Rockset Samuelo Rachel EX90

Rockset Shottle Rachel EX90

Rockset Sterling Strawberry VG89

Rockset Dude Amanda VG88 3yr

Rockset Detonator Bridget VG88 3yr

Rockset Sid Lila Z VG87 2yr

Rockset Jotan Fawn VG86 2yr

Rockset Aikman Rachel VG85 2yr

Rockset Alexander Rachel  VG85 2yr

Rockset Colt Lana Red 4 VG85 2yr





January 2016


Rockset had a very successful evening at the Cornish Holstein Club's annual dinner, prizes included:

1st Small Herd ( 7th Successive Year)

1st Female Family ( Rachel)

1st Index Cow ( Rockset Roseroyce Lana EX92)

2nd Top Ten Homebred Animals

2nd Judge's Choice Award (R Roseroyce Lana EX92)

2nd Dam & Daughter ( Rampage & Jotan Rachel)

2nd Heifer Highest CFP KG ( R Brawler Bridget VG86)

2nd Cow Highest CFP KG ( W Kerndt Howie Lila Z EX92)

Winner Victor Ludorum

October 2015


We had a really good day classifying-some highlights included:


Rockset Mr Burns Blackrose EX93 (3)

Rockset Rampage Bridget EX92 (3)

Rockset Shottle Rachel EX92 (2)

Rockset Roseroyce Lana EX91

Rockset Talent Fawn EX91

Rockset Jotan Rachel EX90

Rockset Alexander Lana EX90

Rockset Bigstone Rachel VG89 (2nd)

Rockset Shamrock Lila Z VG88 (2nd)

Rockset Windbrook Rachel VG88 (2nd)

Rockset Ladd Rachel VG87 2yr

Rockset Alchemy Renita Red VG86 2yr

Rockset TL Ladd Rachel Red VG85 2yr ( Pictured above as a maiden)

Rockset RL Rachel VG85 2yr

Rockset Roseroyce Koral Red VG85 2yr

Rockset Sid Lila z VG85 2yr

Rockset Secure  Celicia Red VG85 2yr

Rockset Sandstone Sensation VG85 2yr

September 2015


Rockset had a very successful day at the South West All Breeds Calf Show with all four calves winning their classes.


Results were:


1st and Res. Champion Holstein Calf:  Rockset Lionel Sara

1st Rockset Album Renita

1st Rockset Doorman Elegance

1st Rockset Windbrook Cinema

June 2015


We had great fun hosting a junior training day.

May 2015


We hosted the Cornish Holstein Club's 2nd Junior Judging Evening in May.


Thanks to everyone who came.

March 2015


We had an enjoyable afternoon with Mole Valley Farmers looking at the benefits of efficient forage use with high yielding cows.

February 2015


Rockset had a great night at the Cornish Holstein Club dinner. We were privileged to win 1st Small Herd for the 6th year running. Results were:

1st Small Herd
1st 50 tonne cow-Goldwyn Rachel 6 EX93 3E (pictured)
1st Index Cow-Roseroyce Lana Red EX92 
1st Female Family - Rachels
1st Top 10 Homebred Animals
1st Most Points
1st Dam & Daughter - R. Goldwyn Rachel EX93 & R Bigstone Rachel VG87

2nd Cow Production Index- Goldwyn Rachel EX93
2nd Highest CFP Heifer - R Baltimor Renita VG85
3rd Bull Progeny

January 2015


A great start to the new year with some great new classifications.Highlights include:


R Mr Burns Blackrose Red EX93 2E

R Talent Fawn EX91

R Shottle Rachel 3 EX91 2E

R Spirte Lana EX91

R Rampage Celicia Red EX91

R Mr Burns Rachel EX91

R Contrast Sara VG86 2yr

R Goldwyn Elegance VG86 2yr                                S Advent Rae EX90

R Shottle Lana VG86 2yr                                        R Fever Renita VG85 2yr

R Dude Amanda VG86 2yr                                      R Windbrook Rachel VG85 2yr

R Shamrock Lila Z VG86 2yr                                   R Sterling Jasmine EX90

October 2014


We were delighted to welcome the "Land van Cuijk" study group from Holland.

September 2014


South West All Breeds Calf Show 


Jessica winning Champion holstein handler and Reserve Champion interbreed handler with her polled heifer Rockset Kanu Rachel Red.


August 2014


Jessica, our 11 yr old daughter has spent the morning making a quick YouTube video about the farm

July 2014


Latest Classification Highlights:


Rockset Rampage Rachel Red EX92

Rockset Talent Rae Red EX92

Rockset Bambam Brieann EX91

Rockset Shottle Rachel 5 EX90

Rockset Roseroyce Lana EX90

Willsbro Roseroyce Strawberry EX90

Rockset Player Lulu VG86 2yr

Rockset Windbrook Rachel VG85 2 yr

Rockset Stanleycup Playmate VG85 2yr

Rockset Sid Sara VG85 2yr

May 2014


Rockset Rowan Red, an Alchemy son of Rockset Acme Renita Red. Rowan Red is now at Masterrind in Germany and has two full sisters by Alchemy and a maternal sister by Mr Savage. His full sister, Rockset Alchemy Renita Red who has also tested well on the RZG system has pregnancies by Raptown and is in calf to Crown P.

April 2014


Latest Photos:


Rockset Bigstone Rachel VG86 2yr

Daughter of Goldwyn Rachel 6 EX93(2)

Rockset TL Ladd Rachel Red

An exciting, stylish POLLED Red Rachel

(Has a pregnancy by Teacher)

Rockset Brawler Bridget VG86 2yr


March 2014

Star Brood Cows 


Rockset Goldwyn Rachel 6 EX93(2) has recently been awarded 6 Brood Stars. She is currently milking alongside 10 EX / VG daughters here, and is safely back into calf again, due to calve in September. Another great brood cow, Rockset Goldwyn Bridget EX92 (2) has been awarded 4 Brood Stars.

February 2014


Classification highlights:


Rockset Mr Burns Blackrose Red EX92

Rockset Rose Royce Lana Red EX92

Ingham Lana Talent EX92

Willsbro Kerndt Howie Lila Z EX92 (pictured)

Sahara Advent Elegance EX92

Rockset Rampage Bridget EX91

Rockset Shottle Rachel 2  EX91

Rockset Shottle Rachel 3 EX90

Rockset Mr Burns Rachel 2 EX90

Rockset Talent Fawn EX90

Rockset Brawler Bridget VG86 2yr

Rockset Bigstone Rachel VG86 2yr

Rockset Bigstone Rachel 4 VG 86 2yr

Rockset Bigstone Rachel 3 VG 85 2yr

Rockset T Fawn VG85 2yr

Rockset Baltimor Renita VG85 2yr

Rockset Arbor Maggie VG85 2yr

Rockset Talent Marq I Red VG85 2yr

Rockset Frank Egeria VG85 2yr


Overall herd average including heifers is 87pts, with 30 EX and 50 VG animals. All 2nd + calvers are classified either VG or EX.

January 2014


Rockset had a great night at the Cornish Holstein Club Dinner with the following results in the 2013 Herds Competitions:


1st Small Herd ( 5th consecutive year)

1st Highest CFP Heifer Award -Rockset Roseroyce Lana Red VG89

2nd Judges Choice- Rockset Rampage Rachel Red EX90

3rd In-Calf Heifers

3rd Cell Count

December 2013


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Alchemy Renita and everyone at Rockset.

October 2013


The cows are settling into their new shed.

September 2013


Our new cubicle shed is nearly finished. We are really looking forward to moving in...

July 2013


Classification Highlights:


Rockset Goldwyn Rachel 6 EX93 2E

Ingham Lana Talent EX93 3E

Rockset Talent Rae Red EX91

Rockset Talent Rachel EX90

Rockset Rampage Rachel Red EX90

Rockset Mr Burns Rachel EX90

Rockset Talent Fawn 3 EX90

Rockset Talent Fawn 5 EX90

Rockset Rampage Celicia Red EX90

Rockset Samuelo Rachel VG85 2yr

(Rockset Talent Rae Red EX91 pictured)                               Rockset Samuelo Bridget VG85 2yr

                                                                                          Rocket Sterling Lana VG85 2yr

June 2013


 Two new additions to the herd are Paydon Jasper Fleur VG87 3yr (12th gen VG/EX) and Paydon Dotson Gloriette (Great grandaughter of Hayleys Gloriette EX91 pictured)

April 2013


We were delighted to win the Dairy Daughters' March Facebook photo competition with a photo of the Colt Elegance twins.


The polled twins are now six months old and growing well.

March 2013


A sneak preview of our advert in the April edition of " The Journal".

Sahara Advent Elegance EX90

February 2013


Classification Highlights:


Ingham Outside Amanda EX91(2)

Rockset Mr Burns Blackrose Red EX91

Sahara Advent Elegance EX90 (pictured)

Ingham Lana Talent EX90(2)

Rockset Rampage Bridget 2 EX90

Ingham Outside Maggie EX90(2)

Rockset Rose Royce Lana Red VG89 3YR

Willsbro Kenrdt Howie Lila Z VG89 3YR

Rockset Shottle Rachel 3 VG88 3YR

Rockset Talent Fawn VG88 3YR

Rockset Sterling Jasmine VG86 2YR

Rockset Shaquille Celicia VG85 2YR

Rockset Rox Bridget VG85 2YR

January 2013

Rockset had an excellent night at the Cornish Holstein Club Dinner with the following results in the herd competition:
1st Small Herd (4th consecutive year)
1st Top 10 Home Bred Animals
1st Female family  - Rachel  (Three Rachel family members pictured below)
1st Index Cow -  Rockset Goldwyn Rachel 6 EX92
1st Dam & Daughter - Copywood Goldwyn Sara  EX92 & R Jasper Sara VG87 2yr
1st Judges Choice- Copywood Goldwyn Sara EX92
2nd Highest CFP Cow & 2nd CPI - Copywood Goldwyn Sara EX92
2nd Bull Progeny Group - Talent
3rd In-calf heifers
Victor Ludoram

December 2012


We had a successful evening at the Cornish Winter Show. 

Rockset Jasper Sara VG87 2yr - 1st Milking heifer,Champion heifer & best PLI in show. 

Rockset Rampage Rachel Red (pictured)  

1st Dry cow

Rockset Artie Rachel Red 2nd Junior heifer

Rockset Bigstone Rachel 1st Mature heifer

Rockset Bigstone Rachel 3 2nd Intermediate heifer

November 2012


The latest genomic test results are in;

Rockset Bookem Rachel gTPI +2070 gPTAT +2.46 gLPI +2155

granddaughter of Rockset Goldwyn Rachel 6 EX92 (pictured)


October 2012


Flushing this week - Sahara Advent Elegance VG89 3yr (Pictured), Willsbro Kerndt Howie Lila Z VG88 and Copywood Goldwyn Sara EX92.


Enquiries welcome.



September 2012


We have some great embryos selling at the FOCUS MILK sale on Friday 28th September.
 Choose from CABON FERNAND's from Copywood Goldwyn Sara EX92 *RC  PLI £289  , or ALCHEMY's from Rockset Talent Rachel RC VG89 3yr

August 2012


We have started to introduce the POLLED gene into some of our best families. Some interesting polled heifer calves have been born so far including:


Rockset Colt Lana RED out of Rockset Rose Royce Lana RED VG87 2yr


Twins - Rockset Colt Elegance &  Rockset Colt Elegance RED out of Sahara Advent Elegance VG89 3yr

July 2012




4 x Cabon Fernand x Copywood Goldwyn Sara EX92


3 x Gillette Windbrook x Jasper Sara VG87 2yr


Click here for more details on the Saras

July 2012


The local summer shows are in full swing. Highlights so far include:


 Stithians Show- Junior Champion -

Rockset Artie Rachel Red


 Camborne Show-Champion Holstein -

Copywood Goldwyn Sara EX92 & Champion Junior Handler - Jessica Hugo

June 2012


We had a great day classifying. Highlights include:

Copywood Goldwyn Sara *RC EX92
Rockset Goldwyn Bridget EX92-2E
Ingham Lana Talent *RC EX92-2E
Rockset Goldwyn Rachel 2 EX91
Rockset Talent Maggie EX90
Overall herd average, including heifers, is 87pts with 28 EX & 44 VG animals

May 2012


An interesting addition to our RED lines is the first VARIANT RED calf to be born.


Rockset Player Koral Red is sired by a RED Pronto son of Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG88 (by Goldwyn) and out of Crichel Outside Koral 23 PI EX91-2E SP who completes ten generations VG/EX.


We look forward to seeing more calves from this interesting new genetic source of RED!

May 2012


Rockset Goldwyn Rachel 2 EX91 SP, 9th generation EX!


One of SEVEN VG/EX full sisters from the remarkable brood cow

Rockset Leader Rachel EX91 SP


Click HERE for more on the RED line of this incredibly consistent family; the AUGUSTS, HERE for the RC's!

April 2012


The new index run saw Copywood Goldwyn Sara EX92 *RC come out top of the Red rankings with a £PLI of 287!


Number 20 in the overall UK listings, her full sister is now at number 5.

Click HERE for her full breakdown...

March 2012





Rockset Mr Burns Black Rose RED VG88-3yr


A descendent of the great Blackrose herself! 


Family info


Rockset Rampage Celicia RED VG87


Eighth generation VG/EX!


Family info


Rockset Talent Fawn 5 VG89


Ninth generation VG/EX tracing back to Quietcove Valiant Fawn EX95!


Family info


Rockset Rose Royce Lana RED VG87-2yr


A member of the great Laurie Sheik family!


Family info


Rockset Talent Rachel *RC VG89


Bred from nine generations straight EX!


Family info


Rockset S Storm Rachel RED EX SP


Multiple generations of EX cows from the August family!


Family info


Rockset Acme Renita RED VG86-2yr


Renita Ranger RED EX94's family - Alchemy embryos available!


Family info


Rockset Shottle Sara VG-2yr


Grandaughter of NHS Champion Copywood KJ Sara 2 EX92-4E!


Family info


Rockset Shottle Sensation VG88-3yr


Traces back to Bricknell Prelude Sensation 4 EX94-3E!


Family info

Rockset Jasper Sara VG87-2yr

March 2012



After a number of successful flushes recently, we have some great embryos available, particularly for RED fans!

Choose from NUMERO UNO's from the ultimate show family - the Sara's, or ALCHEMY's from two lines of the August family - one of the best RED lines in the breed.


CLICK HERE for full details

February 2012


We have had a fantastic classification day this month. Highlights include:

Rockset Goldwyn Rachel 6 EX92 (3rd calver)
Rockset S Storm Rachel 
Red EX90 (3rd)
Rockset Talent Rachel VG89 (2nd), 
Rockset Talent Fawn VG89 (2nd)
Rockset Talent Rae Red VG88 (2nd)
Rockset Rampage Rachel 
Red VG88 (2nd)
Rockset Mr Burns Blackrose 
Red VG88 (2nd)
Rockset Shottle Sensation VG88 (2nd)
Rockset Rampage Celicia 
Red VG87 (2nd)
Rockset Rose Royce Lana 
Red VG87-2yr
Rockset Jasper Sara VG87-2yr
Rockset Acme Renita 
Red VG86-2yr

Rockset Shottle Rachel 3 VG86-2yr


The latest genomic test results are also in;

Rockset Seagual Promis; gTPI +2152  gPTAT +3.42 

Rockset Bigstone Rachel; gTPI +2004  gPTAT +2.51

Sahara Baxter Promis; gTPI +1997  gPTAT +2.40

Rockset Seaver Promis; gTPI +1994  gPTAT +2.71

January 2012


Rockset Holsteins join the Facebook Revolution!


CLICK HERE to keep up to date with all the latest news...

December 2011


We had a great evening at the Cornish Holstein Club annual dinner and were delighted to win the herds competition for the best small herd for the third consecutive year!

Other prizes included:

1st Bull Progeny (Ladino Park Talent)

2nd Highest CFP Cow

2nd Best SCC

3rd Efficiency of Management

3rd Cow CPI

Winners of the Victor Ludorum!


November 2011


Rockset had a fabulous show this month, claiming a Championship!

Rockset Goldwyn Rachel 6 EX92 3rd calver triumphed over a strong turn-out at the Cornwall Holstein Club Winter Show. She shares the same grandam as the phenomenal brood cow Rockset Faber Rachel EX95, from the August family.